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Johann Sebastian Bach Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
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lp-00619_BeG - Johann Sebastian Bach - Johann Sebastian Bach
AudioComposers: Johann Sebastian Bach Artists: Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau; Radio Berlyn Koor; Fritz Lehmann; Helmut Krebs; Diana Eustrati; Elfriede Troetschel; Radio Berlyn Orkest; Friedrich Haertel Tracks: Johann Sebastian Bach: Matthaeus Passion (BWV.244) -LaThe passion selon Saint Matthieu Saint Matthew Passion Passion According to St. Matthew
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lp-00456_BeG - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
AudioComposers: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Artists: Victor Aitay; Janos Starker; Agi Jambor Tracks: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Trio no.2 in Bes gr.t. (KV.502) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Trio no.4 in C gr.t. (KV.548)
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